AREA: Parktown, Johannesburg
Remuneration: R40 000, 00 CTC to R50 000, 00 CTC per month
The role is responsible for installing and configuring software and offering user support, including:
• Administering and supporting network and infrastructure
• Installing all new hardware, systems, and software for networks
• Installing, configuring and maintaining network services and devices
• Supporting administration of servers and server clusters
• Managing all system back-up and restore protocol
• Planning and supporting network and computing infrastructure
• Performing troubleshooting analysis of servers, workstations and associated systems
• Documenting network problems and resolution for future reference
• Monitoring system performance and implementing performance tuning
• Managing user accounts, permissions, email, antivirus and antispam.
• Minimum of 5 years’ detailed Microsoft engineering experience
• Thorough knowledge of and experience in networking essentials
• Diploma/Degree in Information Systems or Mathematical Sciences, essential
• BTech, BCom, BSc Computer Science or Information Systems or BEng, advantageous
Cognitive Skills:
• Team Player
• Customer Orientated
• Consultant
• Solutioner
• Relationship Builder
• Strong Communicator
• Strong Analytical Skills